I am an art education major with a focus in 2d arts. Before here I was a game design major at the art institute of Austin.  I would really love to produce my own comic series someday. I’d like to focus on poorly represented people {poc, various genders & sexuality} as main characters in fantasy settings without being .condemned to stereotypes and unneeded sexualisation as is standard in the comic world. Before I complete that goal I hope to help provide highschoolers with an art history jam packed with the non-standard selection of minorities {Such as this}. I feel that representation is needed in school even if it is something as subtle as a painting to help bring forth equality. I also feel like there are not enough art teachers going outside of their comfort levels.  As for important questions professionals in my field like to discuss… I guess what is art and what qualifies as it. Especially in the classroom- obviously we can’t have works like some of dada because it can be seen as crude or offensive. I can’t say what really drew me to my academic interests? I mean, I’ve always done art so it was a given but teaching? I guess it was seeing how so many teachers put so little effort into my education. The only way to turn education around is to take it into our own hands.




One thought on “BP1

  1. All the words you say are definitely ones I agree with. I make firm stands on the discrimination of women in minorities. Even subtle, with women with huge boobs in video games or the apparent lack of minorities, perpetuate this notion of men as strong and capable and women as less than and only meant as objects. I hope you can start and slow progression towards just basic equality


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