I am a fine art student and we happen to have our very own library in the Bartlett Center called the Visual Resources Library. The Library curator and webmaster is Sally Schuh. She doesn’t really post any helpful tips and the library website is pretty straight forward with one simple link to resources- where we can look at the books and videos stores in the library – and on other link to the art department. It’s okay though it isn’t anything impressive. (I will note that Ms. Schuh just started here and may do something wonderful with the site later on. She herself is very kind and sweet and glad to work with you if you come to see her.) Most of the texts there are things we use for quick research in classes like art history and studio methods. The librarian has no useful references posted like some other majors may enjoy from their libraries. We are left to take care of ourselves, apparently. Which is just as well. Most artist actually are capable of finding the material they need on their own with a little help from google. Preferred references vary from student to student. Some hoard scientific anatomy books, some actual how to draw books, other references to historical clothing.

Now, departing from the online section, I have walked into my library and tend to once a week or so for class. The journals and magazines we have to select from are things such as Art Forum, which is post-modern (as our current art era is still called, though we don’t represent unfortunately), and Art Focus. These don’t show up on the VRL online catalog though they are definitely in the library itself. A favorite amongst the students that isn’t represented in our library (though we dearly wish they would start collecting) is Hi-Fructose. The journal/magazine is so popular that the art professors actually have to beg us to pick other journals to write essays/reports on.



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