Our group’s reading was “The Importance of the Act of Reading” by Paulo Freire, a Portuguese teacher. The article is about the importance of reading throughout his childhood and as an adult. Curiously enough, the world taught him how to ‘read’ before he entered private school and the influence is shown as he trades ‘word’ with ‘world’ in his writing. The act of reading is kept very universal throughout the text meaning to literally read or to analyze something. According to Freire it is important to read our world as well as books. You need to have an understanding of the environment around you in order to thrive.


  • Can reading the world help a viewer better understand art which can often has an underlying meaning ?
  • “The teachers help does not nullify the student’s creativity and responsibility for constructing his or her own ‘language.’” (Freire, P) When does a teacher go too far in making guidelines to ‘help’?
  • Can the world around us affect how we read things later on? Can the way we read things as children affect the way we read as an adult and affect our art?
  • If the teacher takes away the student’s creative process are they really reading or are they just repeating.
  • Does a student have to have an understanding of art to know how to read it properly? Do they have to be taught or can they just gather It from the world?
  • Do artists create from what they read (Word) or from what they /read/(world). Why are both right?

((Also apologies for the slightly late post date DX I got out of work later than planned.))


One thought on “BPIII

  1. Reading your questions really makes me want to read the article to help me understand and to find the answers. I like how simple yet complex your questions are and that they truly make you think.


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