I wasn’t aware that anyone used reddit for anything but gifs and bad memes but here we go. After squinting at this disaster of a layout the website offers, I managed to power through my instant and complete hatred for this website and made an account. {Nothing against the people who genuinely like this site. I just genuinely hate it and have for years.}

A feed I like is “What is the worst experience you have had with a *student*?” by user Travesura. It is various teachers and students swapping stories about some of the worse students they’ve seen. The stories range from students with bad attitude problems to how a student’s suicide affects the teacher.

One article I found somewhat interesting was this post by Throwaway-Teacher who was a student teacher at the time of the post 11 months ago. The school they were at for the student teaching program was appalled that they were not saying the pledge of allegiance and that it was a danger to the students and was a TPE 12 violation. As Throwaway is an atheist, not saying the pledge of allegiance is protecting their own rights as they don’t wish to pledge “under [a] god” they don’t believe in.

This post by bfuller181 covers things that the school system probably shouldn’t expect a new teacher to cover.

Its not really an article but user bryceandcallie shared this infographic that kind of hits hard. It lays out things such as hours spend (on or off the clock), Salary, and Gender.



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