Oklahoma State University may be a research university but that means little to the art department. No matter which college you go to the professors will always be contributing to their fields by creating art. Jack Titus for example is a painter with a preference towards human subjects. He prefers to work with watercolor paint and teaches how to work with paint and the human figure as both are his expertise.


Brandon Reese is a ceramics professor and works primarily with ceramics and wood. His sculptures tend to be large scale and he favors experimenting with wood and salt firing and how differing kilns affect texture. He hosts exhibits all over the US and in German and Taiwan.


Professor Chris Ramsay is one of the most talented individuals in the art department. He teaches Metals- jewelry and 3d- design. He has taught at many universities and schools and has been awarded many times by okstate for his outstanding abilities in teaching and his skill. His work has been on display in galleries and museums all over the U.S including the American Craft Museum, SOFA, Philbrook of Tulsa, The Children’s Hospital of Cleveland, and the Southern Living Botanical Gardens. He is well known for his guest lectures and seminars.


Lastly I will cover Mark Sisson, the professor of 2-d design, printmaking, and drawing. He works with moralist and iconoclastic subjects, using largely relief printing as well as pencil and ink. His works are in private and public collections all over the world from Harvard University to the Bibliothéque Nationale. He is also well known for riding the unicycle.



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