I got my article, NGLC Shifts Focus To Funding Experimental Schools, from KQED which is supported by NPR and PBS. It is intended for the general audience, specifically anyone who is interested in the education system (i.e. Parents, students, teachers). Katrina Schwartz informs the reader about the Next Generation Learning Challenges (NGLC) an organization that promotes the investment in learning technologies and the schools they are trying to push forward. The NGLC Is donating around 3.6 million dollars to various experimental schools with the goal of leaving the testing system behind with a preference towards project-based assignments instead. Schools such as Danville and Lebanon flourish under the grants they receive, enabling them to hire teachers and buy technology they couldn’t dream of going before. The catch? They have to leave any education designs that work open sourced. The best tools of learning should be available to all educators so that it keeps bettering the learning environment. NGLC admits that it isn’t producing the kind of systems they were hoping for, but it’s a start.

I personally find it inspiring that organizations are going out of their way to fund schools (especially schools such as Lebanon which is primarily low-income students) with the means to change and enrich their students. It is good that there are people out there willing to try and change the school system to better the students learning capabilities instead of to better the countries test scores. I hope more organizations like NGLC continue to help educators and their students succeed.

Check out: The NGLC today!


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