So maybe midterms are not the best time for research? I haven’t actually done any research since last Wednesday since it has been essay-essay, test-test, maybe an hour of sleep here or there. I will say that I am definitely bunkering down next Tuesday after the last of my midterms are through to research my little heart out and hopefully get the meat of essay two done. What I can provide this week is brief summaries of two videos I watch that deal with my subject.

The history of technology in education by SMART Technologies EMEA (Education), aka the company behind the SMART board is a timeline of various technology invented and used in the classroom over time. It goes as far back as cave drawings and the invention of paper onward towards chalk slates and finally the use of clickers. Although the timeline does show the current top line of technology that could be used in school, it doesn’t show how schools are for the most part. Most small schools in Oklahoma, for example, have technology of schools from the 1940’s-1960’s.

The other video I watched was The future of Learning by2 Revolutions. She states how the current education system fails both the students and the counties. The two main ways of thinking about change in education is dreaming and dreading. Dreaming , the positive trend, is overly optimistic about what can be done and fails to recognize the complexity of education and human kind. Dreading, the negative trend, is overly cynical and doesn’t recognize the potential of the technology its condemning. Instead we should be thinking of Designing in which we try to design the world we want. It leads to integrative design.

The future of learning video will be summarized fully for the checkpoint on Friday but for now I need to get some sleep!


One thought on “BP VIII

  1. That first video was very interesting, I really dislike the pushes to use technology in the classroom. So often I sit in class wasting valuable learning time while teachers try and use technology instead of trying to teach the class. I feel there can be a happy medium, but when teachers are forced to use technology, it sometimes hurts classroom productivity.


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