This week I looked into some school models that were set up a bit differently. One such model was the bilingual schools where two different language are spoken in the school and the main language is switched off on days. For example, English speaking children and Spanish speaking children would go the same school to learn the others language from peers and from teachers. Monday might be English day where the teachers teach in English but Tuesday would be Spanish day. All teachers are required to be fluently bilingual so that they can help both sets of students. They work to become fluent in both languages while meeting the state standards. This model is called the “ Two way” or “Dual Immersion” model.

Another model is called the “Exit Early” model. It is an English immersion process that typically lasts three years. The students are provided with instruction in their native tongue so they don’t fall behind but helps them learn English at the same time by keeping them immersed in an English speaking school. There is a longer version that lasts five to six years where the student aims to become fully fluent in spoken English and grammar.

This way of educating students on native languages is good because it doesn’t erase their background culture or language. They are encouraged to speak in their native language at home and outside of class but learning is always the key. They are growing up in a world where people from different cultures are becoming tight knit so this is also preparing them and putting them ahead in life by gifting them with being bilingual.


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