I’m a procrastinator that comes from a family of procrastinators. So what do I do? I procrastinate. And its procrastinating that led to me digging into the plethora of Ted Talks instead of reading boring articles. You see, it isn’t uncommon for me to play the work thirty play thirty game when I’m on a crunch. The equal amount of relaxation allows my mind a little wiggle room. Unfortunately that play time can stretch when I get on youtube and start playing catch up on Markiplier or Buzzfeed. It was in the middle of watching a play through of Machine for Pigs part three that my mind started to slide towards work for once. Why didn’t I do what I did when I scampered for a source really quick after work for one of my blog posts and use video sources. There are ones that are quite credible after all.

Ted Talks itself specifically drew me because I liked to watch it for fun with my ex-girlfriend over the summer. I liked listening to the lectures that were posted to Ted Talks and had a better time focusing on it than any news article I’ve tried to stumble across. The same went for my assignment. Pushing through a thirteen minute lecture and writing notes was much less taxing than pushing through a thirteen page article. I also felt like I actually retained most of the information which felt rare with written articles. I was so delighted with my discovery that I rewarded myself with freshly baked sugar cookies.

Irrelevant but delicious.



One thought on “BP XI

  1. First, Markiplier is a pretty cool dude. I watched several videos with him and PewDiePie and died, came back to life, and died again! I applaud your taste in YouTube.
    Second, TedTalks are AWESOME! I’ve found that I am so inspired after I watch a few that I actually want to study and do research. It makes your work play and your play work! Double efficiency!!


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