Sadly enough, I don’t feel like I have learned to much over the semester. Unfortunately, I grew up with a teacher so I have been drilled about our education system and its pros and cons. I suppose my mother’s passion overflowed and leaked over to my interests. At the beginning of the semester I was in education but now I am moving away from that idea as I would rather work with a creative process then be made to babysit unwilling children. I suppose education is still important enough to me as it is the founding blocks to society so I continued on.

I think from Blog Post one I showed that my focus was on art before education. Yes it was to educate children over art history but more so I would like to do what I stated before hand- write comics that focus on controversial issues and tackle them into normalcy. I pushed aside my wants for stability in a startling unstable field. I went onward as the semester progressed with psychology testing over education. I focused on videos for research because I am a visual learner opposed to reading. Something a written article stated said and presented to me stuck much better. Then with blog post IX I grew curious about what new schools systems in the United States. Essay three reflects all of that, holding all of the research from the blog posts. Sadly, by essay four I’m feeling drained and no urge to write about this topic anymore. I feel like my well is tapped dry and inspiration has fled me. There is plenty to write about but I feel less passionate. Perhaps I should have stepped away from stability when I had time and jumped headfirst into the plentifully controversial world of comics?