1. Intro-
  2. Small story intro about the failing school system.
  3. Something along the lines of “This is why we need to change the school system”
  4. The time used reviewing is too little
  5. OP: That children might fall behind if they spend too much time reviewing instead of reading over new material.
  6. What’s Wrong: Children can do nothing with the new material if they can’t even remember the old material.
  7. Me : Memorization seems to be a big problem outside of school as well as inside school. For example, parents don’t remember a scrap of the material their middleschool child is going through.

III. That teachers need to push the limits to help provide children with better education.

  1. OP: Teachers can’t do anything about the current education system. They are stuck in the mud.
  2. What’s Wrong: Many educators are finding side projects that help empower their students and help them earn respect, life skills, knowledge, and a love for something new.
  3. Me: It does seem pretty set in stone at times, and its hard to work around standardized testing, but teachers can change lifes easily if they put down the effort, love, and patience.
  4. The American classroom model needs to change drastically.
  5. OP: Whats wrong with our schools the way they are?
  6. What’s Wrong: Many things; School lunches are bed for childrens health, under qualified educators are being hired all of time, there are too many kids to a classroom for the teacher to fully spend their attention on.
  7. They set children up for fail and seem more like a factory system than a healthy place for learning.
  8. Conclusion
    Education needs to change soon for the betterment of our students.

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