http://www.educationworld.com is a site for educators that focus on anything education based. It has everything from news, blogs, lesson plans and tech. What I find very interesting is the voices of differing teachers. Like for example, on the home page was a link to an article by Kassondra Granata in mild defense of Standardized testing. She also posts another interesting article about how teachers in America were barely making middle-class pay wage. The site has factors like “Teacher of the Day” where the teachers chosen each day are put in a monthly drawing for one hundred dollars and furthermore for a yearly drawing of two hundred and fifty dollars. The lesson plans stretch anywhere from season themed crafts for the elementary school classroom, interesting facts and stories that can be used in lectures, lesson plans for specific topics, and lesson plan ideas to help guide the rather stuck educators out there. The last thing I found extremely helpful was the professional development tab. It explains things like classroom management and the classroom climate which would be very helpful to a new teacher who knows little about what s/he’s stepping into.

Now I can’t say it focuses on the same thing as my topic but the primary focus of my topic is making a better school for children and the first step is the educators. A healthy web environment where they can bounce around their greatest ideas can only benefit children in the long run. If nothing else, it was one of the better sites I found. Web designers educators are not, or so it would seem.


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