Essay III

On the Road to Research

Everyone has the intentions of getting their projects done right away and I was no different. However, like many college students I struggled with finding the time to start. A full time job and full time class schedule leads to little time to sit down and pour over research. What really pushed me along were the checkpoints due on Wednesday. I would do really quick research as I would have an hour after work to read and write the checkpoint summaries.

For blog post VI I originally had no focused idea of what I wanted to use. I vaguely remembered there being some revolutionary school systems overseas and decided to see if we had anything differing from traditional public education here. It was not as radical as the new school designs I was thinking of but it was something different and that was exciting enough! It felt kind of like a Robin Hood system with the riches going to the poor, low-income community primarily.

The information for blog post VII was less giving in many ways. I picked articles from my child and adolescent development class, familiar from the topics after having just written an eight plus page essay over them. I found them relevant for my topic as they were about different forms of teaching children. To figure out the best way to change education we need to know about the current options that are mainly being used. I found them informative but not very interesting. Still, they worked well since I had no time to read anything else that week.

With a tiny attention span I was slugging along with blog post VIII’s research. No matter what I tried to read I simply couldn’t get myself to focus. So what better medium for a tired mind than videos? I already was using the website for some write-then-play. The equal amount of relaxation allows my mind a little wiggle room. Unfortunately the play time can stretch when I get on youtube and start playing catch up on Markiplier or Buzzfeed. It was in the middle of watching a play through of Machine for Pigs part three that my mind started to slide towards work for once. Why not do what I did when I scampered for a source really quick after work for one of my blog posts and use video sources? There are ones that are quite credible after all.

Ted Talks itself specifically drew me because I liked to watch it for fun with my ex-girlfriend over the summer. I liked listening to the lectures that were posted to Ted Talks and had a better time focusing on them than any news article I have stumbled across. The same went for my assignment. Pushing through a thirteen minute lecture and writing notes was much less taxing than pushing through a thirteen page article. I also felt like I actually retained most of the information which felt rare with written articles. As can be seen on essay two, my summaries for the videos were usually much larger than the ones for the articles.

The article-based summaries came a little (or rather lot) slower than the video based ones but with a little procrastination, love, and care they did get finished. After the ordeal that was reading articles and living off of three hours of sleep every day for a week, I promptly made gluten free sugar cookies that were a little too dry due to a lack of shortening and fell into a crumb covered coma on the couch. I did not sleep peacefully. I dreamt of yet more articles to read. I weep as I write this for it wasn’t a dream at all. Dramatics aside, the articles weren’t all that bad. Some were truly interesting to read through while others were grueling and mind numbing. Alas, that is nothing new to a junior in college and I was thankful for the fact that at least some of the articles were fun to read. I am also thankful that the reading is done for essay four! It looks like clear sailing from here on!


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